Gift Vouchers

Give an Aerial Days class as a gift for an active or Aerial curious friend! They can choose when and which of our scheduled classes to try. We recommend Trapeze, Hoop or Aerial Conditioning for a brand new Aerial Student. Experienced Aerialists can also choose from Straps, Rope or Silks.

Use the 'Book a class' or 'Book now' button to make your purchase. 

One class Aerial Days gift voucher  £15
Two class Aerial Days gift voucher  £40

Or contact us for your preferred number of classes and we can make a voucher to suit you!

If you would like to bring a group for your own Aerial Days Workshop on a Saturday or Sunday go to our workshop page for more details. 

Gift Vouchers are available for use by new clients only and valid for 4 months. 


Class Information & Structure

Class Dates 2019
7 January - 6 April 2019
24 April - 20 July 2019
5 September - 6 December 2019

The classes start with the group led warm up, including core and body conditioning. We warm the body, mobilise the joints and get ready for aerial work. Bodyweight conditioning is used at the end of the warm up to strengthen and support the body for aerial work. Repeating the shapes during conditioning, first on the floor as a group and then onto the aerial equipment, will help students become familiar with the shapes needed to be performed in the air.

During the skills part of class, students first learn basic moves using the body shapes they practiced on the floor. In later classes, as skills develop, students will learn how to add more complexity to progress these first moves into more challenging skills. Eventually the students will link some of these skills and moves to create sequences and routines that may be shown to the whole class.

We conclude all classes with a cool down, focusing on flexibility and release.

Adult classes are suitable for many levels of ability and ages 17 up. Classes are mostly general experience level except when marked beginner or intermediate Two people are needed to run each class with a maximum of 6 people in each class, 4 people in Straps class. 

**Limited places available each day for '1st Class' half price offer. Not valid for Practice time.

See the FAQs for information on which class may be most suitable for you.