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Aerial Days Term Dates

19 April - 14 July 2018
(half term 31 May-2 June)

13 September - 8 December 2018


Kids Classes

12 Class Term – £144
(19 April - 14 July 2018)


Single Class £15
(Limited availability)

First Class £7.50
(Redeem code 1stclass)

530pm – 630pm, 7 - 11 years old
630pm – 730pm, 10 - 16 years old
19 April – 12 July

Trapeze with Clare
Silks with Danny
Hoop with Jo/Ruby


1pm – 2pm, 7 - 16 years old
21 April – 14 July

Trapeze with Fiona
Silks with Clare
Hoop with Sam


Kids classes for 7 - 16 Years old. They are suitable for all levels of ability.  The students choose which skill they want to focus on between trapeze, hoop or silks and where there is a space. It is better to stay with one skill for the term, so as to develop skills and understanding of the apparatus. As skills develop, in the later classes, students will learn to create and link moves together. They may learn harder moves, including drops, and how to put together all the small sequences to create their own routines.

We support the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Contact us if you are a low income family or wish to talk to us about two sibling discount.

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Adult Classes

Single Class – £24

1st Class – £12
(Redeem Code 1stclass)

4 Class Carnet – £84

11 Class Carnet – £210

715pm – 845pm

Trapeze Intermediate/ General with Clare
Rope/Silks General/ Beginners with Danny
Straps General Level with with Addis
Flexibility Beginners/ General Level with Jo/ Ruby

145pm – 315pm

Trapeze Beginners/ General with Fiona
Rope/Silks Intermediate with Clare
Straps Intermediate Level with with Addis
Hoop Beginners/ General Level with Sam

Adult classes are suitable for all levels of ability and ages 17 up.  Two People are needed to run each class with a maximum of 6 people in each class, 4 people in Straps class. 

*Limited places available each day for '1st Class' half price offer.

See the FAQs for information on which class may be most suitable for you.



Single Session – £9

715pm – 845pm

145pm – 345pm

Places for Practice Time will be released on the day as classes have priority for the use of the equipment.

The practice time session is for our students who are competent to work unsupervised. That includes warm up and practicing only moves they have been taught. As it is an unsupervised session we ask you not to practice unknown skills or to teach others. We would like to know that you are suitable to practice alone. We may want you come to a class so we can assess your level before clearing you for practice time. The practice time is space and time to practice when we are running our own classes.

Check with us that there is room for you before coming.


Class Flow

All Classes

The classes start with the group led warm up, including core and body conditioning. We warm the body, mobilise the joints and get ready for aerial work. Bodyweight conditioning is used at the end of the warm up to strengthen and support the body for aerial work. Repeating the shapes during conditioning, first on the floor as a group and then onto the aerial equipment, will help students become familiar with the shapes needed to be performed in the air.

During the skills part of class, students first learn basic moves using the body shapes they practiced on the floor. In later classes, as skills develop, students will learn how to add more complexity to progress these first moves into more challenging skills. Eventually the students will link some of these skills and moves to create sequences and routines that may be shown to the whole class.

We conclude all classes with a cool down, focusing on flexibility and release.

Check our FAQ section to read our most commonly asked questions. 


Class Info & Times


What is Trapeze?

Also called Static Trapeze. A 50cm long metal bar, with 2 cotton ropes attached to each end and hung from the roof. This is a non-swinging apparatus where the trapeze bar provides a seat on which moves, poses and drops can be done. The trapeze bar height is anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 metres off the ground.

All skill levels can be accommodated in trapeze, with new students needing no previous experience.

Trapeze Class Times

Intermediate/ General Level
Thursday 715pm - 845pm

This is a faster paced Trapeze class. In this class students will be working on more complex moves, linking more moves together and working on higher bars. Students should feel confident to safely challenge themselves. Beginner level students are able to join this class but should contact us to discuss their suitability. 

Beginner/ General
Saturday 145pm - 315pm

Absolute beginners and beginner or improver students are best suited to this class. This class is for students early in their aerial training.
Students will learn how to get on and off of the bar safely.They will learn beginner level root moves which are taught seated, standing and hanging underneath the bar. The moves have names such as gazelle, half angel and amazon. As the students' skill grows, they will learn to link 2-3 moves together and work more confidently standing or using strength moves.

General level students are able to attend this class and will work on more complex moves and transitions. 


What is Hoop?

Also known as Cerceau or Lyra. This is a circular shaped solid metal ring around 90-100cm wide with one (sometimes two) hanging points on it. It is suspended from the ceiling at various heights. Moves are performed around, in and on the hoop. The hoop can be static, spinning or swinging.

Hoop Class Times

Beginner / General Level
Saturday 145pm - 315pm*
This class is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced students. Students will learn how to get on to the hoop and learn to descend safely. Many beginner level moves are taught seated and hanging underneath the bar from different parts of the body. The moves have names such as man in the moon, fish and back star.

More experienced students will work on developing transitions into sequences and routines. Moves will become more complex and involve a more dynamic and confident movement quality. 

*A Thursday Hoop class can be by request, min 2 students needed!


What is Rope?

Also known as Corde Lisse. A single 35mm wide, 7 - 8m soft cotton covered rope in length, suspended from one point in the ceiling. Moves are performed up and down the length of rope making postures, drops, wraps and tricks. Most moves require significant upper body strength and a developed aerial awareness.

What are Silks?

Also known as Tissu or Fabric. The silk is a long piece of medium stretch fabric which is folded in half, thereby giving two lengths of fabric. The two halves are used to climb and wrap the silk around different body parts to make shapes and perform moves and tricks up and down the length.

Most moves require significant upper body strength and a developed aerial awareness.


Rope/Silks Class Times

General / Beginner Level
Thursday 715pm - 845pm
This class is more enjoyable when the student has experience with trapeze or hoop or a similar physical skill, as aerial awareness and good upper body strength are required. Students choose either rope or silks but can try both.

Students in this class learn many different climbs and variations of beginner moves. We work low to the ground first before trying things at height.
New students will enjoy this class more if they are able to invert safely on the ground and hold some body weight. 


Intermediate Level
Saturday 145pm - 315pm

Students choose either rope or silks. In this class we will be working with transitions, sequences and more complex and dynamic moves. This may include swings, drops and creating routines.

New students should be able to invert safely at height, be able to confidently link moves together and understand basic rope/silks skills to join this class or have spent at least a year or more doing trapeze, hoop or another aerial skill to a good level. 


What are Straps?

Also known as aerial straps. These are two polyester or cotton covered pieces of nylon webbing with loops in the bottom for hands or feet. These are around 2.75m long and have swivels attached at the top. Moves are performed form underneath or with the straps wrapping around the body.

General Level Straps
Thursday 715pm - 845pm
This class is more enjoyable when the student has experience with trapeze, hoop, silks, rope or a similar physical skill, as aerial awareness and good upper body strength are required. Straps work focuses on strength and dynamic based movements. All levels of straps students can be accommodated and challenged in this class.

Intermediate Level Straps
Saturday 145pm - 315pm
Straps is a demanding discipline and needs an understanding of aerial work a good pain threshold. This class requires good upper body strength and aerial experience. Straps work focuses on strength and dynamic based movements. This is a challenging and rewarding class with a maximum of 4 students. 



Spending time and learning how to stretch and lengthen the muscles in your body will help to prevent injury and help heal and relieve tightness. This flexibility class can support your aerial training. Increasing the range of movement can increase blood flow to the muscles enabling them to work more effectively. We recommend practicing the skills learned at home too!


General Level
Thursday 715pm - 845pm
This class is suitable for all levels of flexibility as each person works at their own level. Active and passive stretching exercises are used to improve the students’ range of movement. We stretch alone and use assisted stretching techniques with a partner. Students will first warm up and do conditioning exercises within the group led warm up.

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