Kids & Youth Aerial Classes

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Summer Holiday
Aerial & Circus Workshops

8 afternoons of Aerial and Circus
Aerial skills for 7-17 year olds
Trapeze or Hoop or Silks/ Rope

Come for
5 afternoons 29 July - 2 August for £170


A Single day for £40

Sessions run from 1.30 - 4pm

We will warm up with games, an aerial circuit or conditioning exercises then focus intensively on Aerial skills. To finish it will be flexibility training and just for fun - other ground based circus skills such as diabolo, hoolahoop and juggling.

Autumn Term Classes
7 September - 5 December


7 September - 30 November

No Class over 1/2 term 26 October

12-17 years old
115pm – 215pm
(trapeze is full.
spaces in hoop or silks)

7-11 years old
2pm – 3pm
(silks is full.
spaces in hoop or trapeze)

7-17 years - beginners
245pm – 345pm
(7 spaces available)

11 September - 4 December

No Class over 1/2 term 23 October

10-15 years old - Intermediate
615pm - 730pm
(Spaces in hoop only)

*Intermediate students only.

12 September - 5 December

No Class over 1/2 term 24 October

7-9 years old

445pm – 545pm
(6 spaces available)

10-12 years old
530pm – 630pm
(silks & trapeze are full. Spaces in hoop)

13-17 years old
630pm – 730pm
(trapeze is full. Spaces in silks or hoop)

Skills & Teachers
Trapeze with Stah
Silks/Rope with Clare
Hoop with Sam (Sat & Wed)
Hoop with Jo (Thu)


12 week term
Thu or Sat - £156
Wed - £180

Single class £18
First class trial £8
(use code 1stclass)

10% sibling discount available for: 2 or more siblings when paying termly or booking 2 termly classes for a child.
Use code: 10%OFFYOUTH

Contact us about low income families discounts. Proof may be required.

Class Information

Aerial Days kids classes are for 7 - 17 Year olds in Trapeze, Silks, Rope or Hoop.

The classes are divided into different levels of ability. Most of the classes are a general level which is for students who are not absolute beginners. In the general classes, before the start of term, the students choose which skill they want to focus on between trapeze, hoop, rope or silks. 

We encourage students to stay with one skill for the term. This allows them to develop stronger skills and a deeper understanding of the apparatus. As skills develop, in the later classes, students will learn to create and link moves together. They may learn harder moves, including drops, as well as how to put together all the small sequences to create their own routines.

At the end of term we may do a non compulsory showing of work or allow families and friends to watch an open class. 

New absolute beginner students can join Saturdays 245pm - 345pm class. In this class, students are able to switch between the skills for the first half of term and focus on one skill for the second half of term.

The Wednesday classes are for intermediate students who will focus on one skill, which they practice for the term.

Try a trial class before you sign up for the term!
It will be Thursdays 445-545 for 7-9 years old or Saturdays 245-345pm class for 7-17 years old.

We support the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Summer Term Classes 2019

25 April - 18 July

7-9 years old 445pm – 545pm - open studios-5-530pm

10-12 years old 530pm – 630pm - open studios-6-630pm

13-17 years old 630pm – 730pm - open studios-645-715pm

27 April - 20 July

12-17 years old 1pm – 2pm - open studios-115-145pm

7-11 years old 145pm – 245pm - open studios-2-230pm

7-17 years - absolute beginner 230pm – 330pm - open studios-3-330pm

24 April - 17 July

9-12 years old - Intermediate* 615pm - 730pm - open studios-645-715pm

12-17 years old - Intermediate
* 715pm – 830pm - open studios-745-815pm

*Intermediate students only.