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Health & Safety in the Workshop

Aerial Days provide aerial training to the best of our knowledge, training and ability. Participating in aerial skills involves an element of risk and requires a degree of physical exertion. Whilst we take reasonable measures to reduce this risk, we cannot eliminate all possibility of injury. During the course of the class you will participate in a variety of activities including aerial work and other forms of activity and/or exercise (e.g., running, lifting).

In order for us to support you throughout the class, please fill out the details below and inform your teacher(s) of any medical condition, injury or ailment that may affect your participation. This includes but is not limited to recent or chronic injuries, high/low blood pressure, joint problems (including dislocation), asthma or respiratory problems, heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, vertigo, any current prescription or non-prescription medication, or pregnancy. It is your responsibility to provide all information about any injuries and/or medical conditions that may affect your participation. This information will be treated in confidence.

If you have any kind of accident/incident during the class please inform your teacher(s).

Liability Waiver

Aerial Days provides circus activities to the best of our knowledge, training and ability. Aerial Days Ltd (including but not limited to partners, guests & teachers) cannot be held responsible for any accidents or incidents arising from a failure to have any required medical forms completed in a timely manner by participants and/or their parents or guardians as necessary. Aerial Days are responsible for the safe and orderly delivery of the activities.

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Use of Photographic Images
From time to time Aerial Days may take video or photos during classes which are occasionally used in our marketing but mostly in our newsletter! We will not sell the images for others to use or use an unflattering image of you.